Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY St. Patrick's Day Banner

Truth: I've never decorated for St. Patrick's Day.  It's not that I don't like the holiday.  On the contrary...I'm a big fan of the green, the pinching, treasure hunting, and setting up leprechaun traps with my kids.  We always have a blast at our house on March 17th.  But with Easter just a few weeks after it, I usually just end up adorning my house with bunnies and eggs instead. 

My kids really get into holiday decorations.  When I took down the Valentine's stuff, they seriously just about cried and immediately asked where the St. Patrick's Day things were.  I had to sheepishly admit that we didn't have any.

Then this simple, cute banner caught my eye on Pinterest (from Simple as That), and I decided that it could be my one tribute to St. Patrick's Day this year to please my children.  It is so easy to make, and chances are, you already have everything you need!


Old book
Distress Ink
Green paper or Cardstock
Twine, ribbon, yarn or string

  1. Grab an old book that you'll never read again.  Tear out six pages.  I must admit it felt a little weird doing this.  I kept checking to make sure my kids weren't watching.  
  2. (Optional) Antique the pages with Distress Ink.  I used Brushed Corduroy.  
  3. Create a pendant pattern on a piece of scrap paper and then trace one onto each of your six book pages...or just cut them out using your Silhouette. :)
  4. Cut six four leaf clovers using green paper or cardstock. This could also be accomplished with a Silhouette.
  5. Glue the clovers onto your pendants, then use sticky circles or hot glue to attach buttons to the center of each clover.
  6. Punch two holes in each pendant and string them up using yarn, twine, ribbon, etc.
  7. Hang them on your mantel, a book case, or entertainment center and adore its cuteness!
I've also seen this banner with 3-D clovers, but I'm all about easy storing, so I went with the 2-D version.

That's it!  If you're wanting to add a little St. Patty's Day festiveness to your home, this lucky clover banner is a perfect, simple way to do it!     


  1. Such a cute banner I did one like that for Valentines day! Found you over at naptime creations!

  2. What an adorable banner!! Love it! You always do such cute crafts, Christine!


  3. This is very cute - it looks store bought! I'd love to try making this.



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