Friday, November 8, 2013

Turkey Krispies Treats

Aren't these Turkey Krispies Treats just about the cutest things that you ever did see?  I got the idea after Jen shared her adorable Pumpkin Krispies Treats last month. 

My husband is a genius.  I've always known it, but the fact was reinforced when I shared my light bulb moment with him and he suggested using Cocoa Krispies instead of trying to color regular Rice Krispies to achieve the deep brown color.  Brilliant!  One of the many reasons why I keep him around.  :) 

I can't get over how fun they are!  Little edible Tom (and Tina) turkeys.

Rice Krispies are just about the simplest yet happiest treats on earth, aren't they?  They're like the pie and ice cream, pizza or hot dog of America.  Life just wouldn't be the same without them.   

 They'd be perfect to use as place settings at the kids (and adult) tables on Thanksgiving!

And...even better...let the kids jump in and help make them!  They're super easy and I can't think of a way that these could possibly get ruined.    

 Or wrap them up and send them home as favors after the big feast! 

 Just make a batch of Cocoa Krispies treats, form into balls, then add edible googly eyes and colorful candy corns for feathers and a beak.  Just be sure to work quickly after forming them into balls because the more set they are, the more difficult it is to push in the candy corns.

(Makes approximately ten turkeys, depending on the size of the balls)

3 T. Butter
1/2 t. vanilla extract
5 1/2 c. mini marshmallows
6 cups Cocoa Krispies cereal
candy corns and edible googly eyes for decoration
1/2 batch of Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (you won't use it all)

Make a half batch of Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, or just use the frosting from the container.  Set aside.  In a large stock pan, melt butter on medium heat.  Add vanilla extract and marshmallows. Stir until marshmallows are melted completely.  Add cereal and stir until completely combined.  Turn off heat and let sit for a few minutes, until cool enough to handle.

When mixture is cool enough, spray your hands with cooking spray or coat them with butter and form cereal mix into balls.   Dip the tips of five candy corns in the frosting, then insert around the balls for feathers.  Using frosting will ensure a strong bond.  Dip candy eyes into frosting, then push onto front of the balls.  Dip the end of a candy corn in frosting and insert just below the eyes for a beak.

I thought these were perfect in their simple form without feet, but if you'd like to add some, you could adhere some mini Oreos to the bottoms of the balls with frosting and then pipe yellow feet onto those.

 These adorable creatures are sure to be the talk of the gathering!

The kids will be all over them.  :)


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  1. These are so CUTE!!!! :) Thanks for sharing & I am pinning for later :)

    ~ Jenn

  2. Christine, these are just too cute and just perfect for the Thanksgiving - for the big and little kids! :) Thanks so much for sharing and pinning!

  3. So cute and adorable. I've pinned and shared.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Oh, my goodness! These really are one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Pinning and sharing! Thanks for posting them on today's Daily Blog Boost!!!
    ~ Brooke ~

  5. I laughed out loud when I opened this post- they are too funny! Pinned to my Thanksgiving board- can't wait until next year when my wee one will be old enough to make these with me!

  6. These look adorable!! I'm sure they're yummy, too.

  7. So cute! These would be a hit at my daughter's Thanksgiving party at school. Thanks for the share!


  8. These are SO CUTE Christine!!!! Love them and my boys will too!

  9. Christine these are so cute! I'm doing a Thanksgiving playgroup next week and pretty sure everyone will love these! Thanks for sharing on the weekend re-Treat link party!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

  10. These are so cute! Can't wait to try!

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  12. Thanks for linking these up to our Marvelous Monday party - they are so cute! Pinned!

  13. ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing on Saturday Night Fever #7

  14. I'm stopping by from the Monday Funday linky party!

    These are just too cute, and will be a blast to serve at Thanksgiving! I'm pinning this now so I'll have it for later!

  15. Seen this on Too Cute Tuesdays, these are just to adorable, i am definitely pinning these! Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. These are beyond cute! Would love for you to come share at my link party

  17. super cute! I love it when husbands come up with cool ideas!

  18. These cuties make me smile every time I see them! Thanks for sharing them at Saturday Night Fever :)

  19. These are adorable. I bet kids love them (I do) thanks for sharing on GIT. I'm featuring these.

  20. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites. I'm featuring you this week.

    1. These are super cute! I pinned this to my Pinterest "children" board.

  21. These are just too stinkin cute!! I'm pinning this one to our talent board! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!!


  22. Oh my gosh these are crazy adorable! And the Cocoa Krispies were SUCH a good idea! My kiddos will love these! Hello lunchbox treats! Thanks for sharing at Saturday Night Fever!!!

  23. Cute idea. Thanks for linking to What'd You Do This Weekend.


  24. Love these! Stopping by from "Thursday Favorite Things" @ Katherine's Corner! =)

  25. So cute! Mine are not forming balls though....won't stick together....grr.....

    1. I'm so sorry, Mary Beth! Sometimes when they're warm the balls will tend to fall apart, so you have to keep packing them together until they're cooled all the way. Best of luck!


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