Friday, June 13, 2014

Simple Folded Patriotic Paper Medallions {with Garland Option}

These oh-so-simple folded paper patriotic medallions make a perfect garland!  They could also be used, as cupcake toppers, table centerpieces (when glued to thin wooden dowels or decorative paper straws) or even as a festive table runner at a 4th of July BBQ! So many options!
Aren't they pretty? I absolutely love red, white and blue colors together, don't you?  They give me some serious national pride for the country that I love.  But these could be customized to fit any occasion or party by simply switching up the paper.

You won't believe how fast they come together!  I made this folded paper garland to accent the top of a new piece of furniture in my living room, which I will share with you on June 26th, so stay tuned!

All you need is some 12"x12" patterned paper, scissors, hot glue, and string, ribbon, or jute for hanging!  This will yield medallions that are around 5 1/2" in diameter.  If you'd like smaller medallions, just cut your paper into thinner strips.

Select your paper and begin with one.

Fold it in half and crease to form a guide line for cutting.

Using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut along the creased line.  You should have two equal-sized pieces, as shown above.  
Now begin folding one of the halves accordion style (as if you were making a paper fan).  My folds were 1" wide).  When you're finished folding, trim off the end, if necessary.

Do the same for the other piece, ensuring that your folds are as exact as possible.

Take the end folded section of one piece and glue it to the end folded section of the other, ensuring that your pattern stays on top.  Be sure to line them up evenly and exactly.

You can see here where I glued the pieces together.

Now fold your accordion up and cut the square top and bottom on an angle so they come to a point.

Now hold it like this and kind of fold the middle so you can easily pull the top two sides up.

Secure those together with hot glue.

Then turn it over and do the same to the other side, pulling the top pieces up, bringing them together, and gluing. 

You'll see that you have some loose folds in the middle.  Put dots of glue in the center of these and press together.

Turn the medallion over and do the same for the back lose folded sections.

Repeat the process for additional paper selections.

Hot glue string to the backs of the medallions, on the tops, if you want to make a garland.

That's it!  What would you use these for?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  Questions? Please let me know in the comments, and I'm happy to answer them!


For another great 4th of July project, be sure to check out this tutorial for a Patriotic Paper Medallion Candy Jar.

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  1. These paper medallions turned out so adorable and patriotic! Please come share at our link party going on now.

  2. I like this! It's cute and easy! My kids will love to make them!
    I would love if you come link up tomorrow at the Monday party!

  3. Super cute-they look great in red white and blue!

  4. What a great, easy project, and I'm loving your pictures. Pinning!


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